Our preschool emphasizes learning by doing, sharing materials and ideas, and the total development of your child. Each session allows for a choice time. During this time children choose learning areas, special teacher-directed projects, or pursue individual interests and relationships. Many materials are available consistently, while others are gathered and brought out for special activities and projects. Curriculum is designed so that children of different ages can grow develop, and enjoy.

Social growth lies at the core of the preschool's program. With guidance from the adults, children learn about personal relationships with a variety of people. Sharing, taking turns, listening to others, having conversations, solving conflicts with words and learning simple routines are all aspects of social growth. 

Opportunities for sepf-expression and the creative exploration of materials are found throughout the learning areas of the preschool. The learning centers include: Dramatic Play, Water/Sand table, Blocks, Math and Manipulative, Art table, Book corner and Science center. 

*** Children go outside everyday! Our play area offers a wide range of opportunities for inventive and imaginative activities We also have a variety of farm animals the children can enjoy!***

A typical preschool day




​Where learning is a natural experience